Nextlaw Ventures invests in next generation AI-powered ‘expertise finding’ platform ProFinda

Nextlaw Ventures, the global legal technology-focused venture capital fund, today announced its investment in AI-powered expertise finding platform, ProFinda.

ProFinda’s artificial intelligence engine builds an entire map of all the skills, knowledge, connections and expertise available across a company, providing a single view of an organisation’s talent pool. ProFinda then enables employees, through matching algorithms, to find expertise, create high performing teams and match subject matter experts to projects and clients in real time – driving utilisation and productivity. ProFinda also includes an optional reward and recognition module to further encourage the sharing of knowledge and skills.

Since launching in 2011, award-winning technology platform – ProFinda has been featured at The White House and Davos and has users in 1,160 cities globally. ProFinda has also secured strategic partnerships across a number of professional services organisations including: PwC, KPMG​, Slalom, Deloitte and many more.

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