Nextlaw Ventures expands portfolio with investment in Canadian legal tech startup FileFacets

Nextlaw Ventures, the global legal technology-focused venture capital fund, today announced its investment in FileFacets, a data analytics and content migration software platform.

FileFacets provides an efficient way for law firms to identify case files across multiple repositories, offices and locations to facilitate the discovery process and share information between co-counsels. FileFacets’ cloud-based data analytics and content migration platform streamlines the process of identifying, collecting, and analyzing millions of unstructured files from multiple locations and moves them into structured file locations in a secure, automated, and documented manner.

FileFacets is Nextlaw Ventures’ third investment in the Canadian market since its launch in May 2015. The startup joins an elite group of legal technology innovators that includes:

  • ROSS Intelligence (Canada): A developer that leverages IBM Watson-powered cognitive computing to refine expert legal research.
  • Apperio (UK): A startup focused on streamlining matter management.
  • Doxly (US): A secure, cloud-based platform designed to simplify corporate legal transactions.
  • Libryo (South Africa): A risk management SaaS (software as a service) solution enabling users to understand legal obligations in any jurisdiction.
  • Clause (US): A data-driven smart contracting platform that leverages the Internet of Things.
  • Qualmet (US): The legal industry’s first solution to measure and improve service quality between in-house and outside counsel.
  • Hire an Esquire (US): A startup transforming the legal marketplace with on-demand workforce technology.
  • Beagle (Canada): A startup that is using artificial intelligence to automate legal contract review

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