Legal Geek Road Trip 2017 Recap

The epic Legal Geek Road Trip sponsored by Nextlaw Labs and Nextlaw Ventures concluded this week in London on Tue, June 27.

Kicking off in Amsterdam on June 13 and traveling thousands of kilometers across Europe, the Legal Geek VW Camper Van, Betty, seated some of the coolest legal tech startups across the continent along with forward-thinking lawyers from various Dentons offices.

Check out summaries of each leg of the trip with photos below:

The trip also generated considerable buzz among online legal media:

Nextlaw Labs and Nextlaw Ventures provided travel grants for 20 founders selected during the road trip to attend the Legal Geek Conference in London on October 17, 2017.

For more details on the road trip, be sure to visit the Legal Geek Road Trip website, Legal Geek’s Facebook page and search #LGroadtrip on Twitter and LinkedIn

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